Observatory construction and inauguration

Observatory construction

The observatory of Bassano Bresciano was completely self-made, work lasted seven years, from 1982 to 1989. In this time have been designed and made: the mechanics of the Schmidt telescope 32/40, the building, the dome, and the control electronics. Here are some projects and photos taken during works.

Telescope base project

Fork project

Telescope tube project

Metal sheets welding for the dome building

Dome frame building

Felescope supporting pillars building

telescope base and hour axis commissioning
In the foreground the dome to the ground

Dome lifting

Dome commissioning on the building


The inauguration took place April 29, 1989 with a ceremony attended by population and authorities:
Gianmaria Mombelli, Bassano Bresciano mayor
Mario Migliorati, Bassano Bresciano deputy mayor
Professor Bruno Boni, President of the Chamber of Commerce and former Mayor of Brescia
Professor Massimo Della Valle, new graduate at the time, now director of Capodimonte Astronomic Observatory
Dottor Adriano Gaspani, astronomy in Brera Astronomic Observatory
Dottor Mario Cavedon, astronomy in Brera Astronomic Observatory and speaker in Milano Planetary
Ermes Colombini, from San Vittore Astronomic Observatory
Vittorio Goretti, from Pianoro Astronomic Observatory
Umberto Donzelli, from Unione Astrofili Bresciani

Inauguration manifesto

Authorities intervention

Ermes Colombini intervention

Massimo Della Valle intervention

Umberto Donzelli intervention


The public visit the observatory

The public visit the observatory

The public visit the observatory