GRB 140206A at (565) Bassano Bresciano Observatory

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Exposures start date: 2014-02-09
Exposures start time: 20:52:01 U.T.

Schmidt D=320 mm Mag. Lim= 185

U.Quadri, L.Strabla,R.Girelli,A.Quadri

Informations from GCN notice:

TRIGGER_NUM: 585834,
NOTICE_DATE: Thu 06 Feb 14 07:17:48 UT
GRB_RA: 145.350d {+09h 41m 24s} (J2000)
GRB_DEC: +66.750d {+66d 45' 01"} (J2000)
GRB_ERROR: 3.00 [arcmin radius, statistical only]
GRB_DATE: 16694 TJD; 37 DOY; 14/02/06
GRB_TIME: 26240.16 SOD {07:17:20.16} UT
This is a GRB

GCN Circular of this burst

Observers notes: (these notes are added by observers at the end of followup)

Observed 3 days after the trigger.  
We did not found any optical counterpart
in the error box of the XRTcandidate.

Start         End       Vlim
85h 35m     86h 47m     18.5