GRB 131202A at (565) Bassano Bresciano Observatory

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Exposures start date: 2013-12-02
Exposures start time: 16:39:59 U.T.

Schmidt D=320 mm Mag. Lim= 19.5

U.Quadri, L.Strabla,R.Girelli,A.Quadri

Informations from GCN notice:

TRIGGER_NUM: 579982,
NOTICE_DATE: Mon 02 Dec 13 15:17:19 UT
GRB_RA: 344.056d {+22h 56m 13s} (J2000)
GRB_DEC: -21.658d {-21d 39' 27"} (J2000)
GRB_ERROR: 3.00 [arcmin radius, statistical only]
GRB_DATE: 16628 TJD; 336 DOY; 13/12/02
GRB_TIME: 54729.32 SOD {15:12:09.32} UT
This is a GRB

GCN Circular of this burst

Observers notes: (these notes are added by observers at the end of followup)

We did not found any optical counterpart 
in the error box of the XRTcandidate
(D. Kocevski et al, GCN 15559).

Start      End       Vlim
88min     235min     19.5