GRB 131128A at (565) Bassano Bresciano Observatory

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Exposures start date: 2013-11-28
Exposures start time: 16:34:50 U.T.

Schmidt D=320 mm Mag. Lim= 19.3

U.Quadri, L.Strabla,R.Girelli,A.Quadri

Informations from GCN notice:

TRIGGER_NUM: 579683,
NOTICE_DATE: Thu 28 Nov 13 15:11:30 UT
GRB_RA: 355.323d {+23h 41m 18s} (J2000)
GRB_DEC: +31.279d {+31d 16' 45"} (J2000)
GRB_ERROR: 3.00 [arcmin radius, statistical only]
GRB_DATE: 16624 TJD; 332 DOY; 13/11/28
GRB_TIME: 54384.57 SOD {15:06:24.57} UT
This is a GRB

GCN Circular of this burst

Observers notes: (these notes are added by observers at the end of followup)

The observations started 1h 28m after the                 
GRB trigger at the end of the twilight.

The afterglow probably results absorbed in the light of 
the near star USNO-B 2766-00858-1 (R2 = 11.63 mag)   
due to the focal lenght very short (1000mm) of our 
Schmidt telescope.