GRB 131127A at (565) Bassano Bresciano Observatory

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Exposures start date: 2013-11-28
Exposures start time: 18:07:16 U.T.

Schmidt D=320 mm Mag. Lim= 19.5

U.Quadri, L.Strabla,R.Girelli,A.Quadri

Informations from CIRCULAR notice:

Fermi-GBM trigger (Fermi407254341),   
GRB_TIME: 14:12:18.36 UT on 27 November 2013
This is a GRB

GCN Circular 15543 of this burst

GCN Circular 15558 of this burst

Observers notes: (these notes are added by observers at the end of followup)

We detected the candidate couterpart of iPTF13ecv 
(Singer et al, GCN 15524) at the following 
position (+/- 1 arcsec), mag 18.8 +/-0.2:

RA (J2000.0) =  20h 31m 47.79s 
DEC(J2000.0) = +00d 59m 22.8s

We imaged again (for 5 days after) the field of iPTF13ecv 
optical afterglow candidate of GRB 131127B 
(Leo Singer: GCN 15524) with the robotic telescope of 
(IAU station 565) Bassano Bresciano Observatory, Italy 
(member of ISSP:Italian Supernovae Search Project).

We have observed that the brightness of this object
is not decreased during 5 days after the discovery.

Magnitudes were estimated with the USNO-B1 cat.